The Big Interview with Dan Rather and Kenny Loggins
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Friday, November 09, 2018
By Michaelangelo's
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The Big Interview with Dan Rather and Kenny Loggins.


December 11, 2018, the interview with Dan Rather and Kenny Loggins will air on axstv. We had the pleasure of photographing behind the scenes for them. Both Kenny Loggins and Dan Rather top notch, friendly and so professional. It was a thrill to watch Kenny Loggins perform and hear his story behind the song 'House at Pooh Corner'. Shoot I can't be giving the interview up before it airs :) Guess you will have to watch.


Some of my favorites of Mr. Loggins and when Loggins and Messina would be Footloose, This is it, I'm Alright, Celebrate me Home, Your Momma don't Dance and ohhh so many more.


We are fans of The Big Interview with Dan Rather, if you haven't caught any of the interviews, you really should. Set your DVR, axstv Tuesday nights 9/8c to catch them all! One of my faves... Robert Plant, (until this one airs of course).


Interested in some of Kenny Loggins music? Here ya go....


The Essential Kenny Loggins


Live on Soundstage - Deluxe blu-ray


Return to Pooh Corner


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Greatest Hits


Outside: From the Redwoods


Interested in the camera gear we use? I'm a Canon girl and Brian is Nikon, here is the equipment we use.


Canon EOS Mark IV

Nikon D500 


For you newbies try out

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR - kit


Here are a few photos from behind the scenes! 

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Cheryl Debono - Thank you Karen! Great job on the make up as usual.
Karen Lauria -

This was a fun day. I love your photos.
Cheryl Debono - Thank you! Yes it was awesome!!
Thimi - Cheryl,

These are awesome pictures of Dan Rather and Kenny Loggins! I grew up watching Dan Rather on the evening news and have always been a fan of Kenny Loggins. Very cool that you got to photograph them and be there for this interview.