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Wednesday, May 03, 2017
By Michaelangelo's
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I really enjoyed meeting the Orlando baking Co. family, such nice people. Who knew they were right in our own backyard? Ok well in Cleveland, you know what I mean. Since 1904. It's amazing the amount of bread they produce everyday. So I've posted the whole magazine, no not the whole magazine, just the Orlando baking Co. story. You'd have to go to Bake and Snack magazine to get the whole magazine silly. The whole article is here so feel free to read all about the Orlando baking Co. family business.

I had so much fun touring through the plant, watching the butter pour over the rolls, hundreds at a time it's crazy. Of course I was working, working hard, snapping pics quick, you can't stop the bread and pose it, you gotta get the shot quick. Plus it was a little toasty in there ha ha toasty.  Thousands of loafs of bread, rolls and more a day mixing, baking, packaged, loaded up and shipped out. Amazing. Did I mention how nice everyone was? They even gave me a bag of goodies to take home! It was a great experience for me, I hope you enjoy the article from Bake and Snack magazine and the photos of course :)  Oh and check out their purple wheat raisin bread, so good! Also at the end will be the product photography we took for them along with the editorial photography. 





Here are a few product shots that we took of the bread. For more product shots or food photography go to our website Food Photography Product Photography 

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