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Friday, January 12, 2018
By Michaelangelo's
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Bride and groom photos. The most important photo you will take on your wedding day, the two of you together as husband and wife. Or should I say group of photos because you don't want to just take a few. You want a bunch to pick from, so you can pick a few for your walls to display like artwork! That is what they should be, artistic, stunning unique photos of the two of you. Make sure you have enough time to capture those images, rushing is never good. You need time to find the perfect background, set up lighting, look for details out of place, pose in the most flattering way possible. All professional photographers will agree. If time is limited maybe take less photos of the bridal party. A couple good group shots is all you really need. What hangs on your wall? Hate to say it but sometimes, 10 years from now when you are showing your kids your wedding photos you may not even remember people in your bridal party! Ha ha ha, you know what I mean. :) Focus on photos of the two of you! Amen.

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